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AIoT Industry Solutions

One Stop End to End Solutions

Smart Pole

With the in-depth advancement of the digital economy and the deep integration of new digital infrastructure and real economy, the construction of smart cities is being fully upgraded to digital smart cities.Smart street lights can be utilized to create a network of multi-functional smart poles, catering to the requirements of urban management. These poles serve as versatile outposts for smart city development, facilitating the establishment of district-level data platforms, urban Internet of Things services, and empowering various sectors such as municipal, transportation, urban management, and environmental protection. This integrated system contributes to the creation of a green, interconnected, and perceptible urban fine-grained perception network.

Smart Construction Site

Traditional construction site management is centred on human management, and there are problems such as difficulty in discovering hidden safety hazards, difficulty in quality management, and difficulty in landing standard operations. Rontex Technology's solution is based on spatial data, integrates basic project information, equipment monitoring information and other data, and takes "dual-carbon" and "artificial intelligence" intelligent construction as the core to create a visualisation and sharing system with the multi-departmental operation and collaborative sharing for the government industry, supervision and enterprise project management. The solution changes the traditional engineering construction management mode, improves the efficiency of engineering construction supervision, and makes engineering construction management more scientific, transparent and efficient.

Video Streams
AI Upgrade

Based on Rontex Technology's Edge Intelligent Gateway, Intelligent Fusion Server, and AIoT Management Platform, the solution can profitably use the existing stock of surveillance systems, and through AI technology, providing rapid access and intelligent structured analysis of video streams of different brands and protocols in the region, so as to improve management efficiency. The solution has the advantage of efficient inference of edge-side AI, which can process and analyze a large amount of data at the edge end while supporting multi-channel video decoding and structured analysis, achieving real-time AI analysis of pedestrians, vehicles, and the environment in the surveillance video. Through the high-performance and high-computing power cost-effective AI computing acceleration solution, it helps to achieve various types of AI scenario-based customization such as intelligent transportation, intelligent parks, intelligent cities, intelligent emergency response, and so on.

Smart Elderly Care

Based on Rontex Technology's smart fall detection bio-radar, smart vital sign monitoring bio-radar, and AIoT management platform, Genew Intelligent launched a series of solutions for home elderly care from the edge device to the cloud and mobile terminals. Through AI and Bio-Radar technology, the solution can accurately detect the fall behaviour of the elderly through non-contact sensing, and can also accurately monitor the elderly's respiratory rate, respiratory waveforms, heart rate, sleep quality, and many other key vital signs signals. Based on the basic vital signals, Genew Intelligent can provide early warning of chronic respiratory diseases for the elderly, and can also alert family members or caregivers in the first instance of an emergency by establishing a two-way voice call. The solution is also applicable to hospitals, nursing homes, care centres and other scenarios.


Smart Highway

Smart highway, with the help of 5G communication technology, deeply integrates new-generation IoT information technology such as vehicle-road coordination, traffic big data, facility IoT, cloud computing, etc., with highway construction, paired with intelligent data collection and transmission system represented by multi-functional intelligent light poles, which ultimately makes the road smarter, and provides rich and detailed smart services for drivers. Rontex Technology proposes an intelligent highway solution based on edge computing and multifunctional intelligent light poles, which carries out closed-loop management of the entire road through data fusion, real-time early warning, in-depth analysis, control and optimisation, and information release, etc., and strives to grasp the current status of vehicles, roads, people, and the environment in real time and accurately predict development trends, so as to realise all-weather road access, full-process control and whole-process service.

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